CraftDee is Doing a "Hard Restart"

Hey Kids!

Did ya ever have one of those days where you just say I gotta S T O P!… STEP BACK…TAKE A DEEP BREATH and just do something else, anything else, even if it’s wrong!!!

Yep, me too….  Actually, I have had a more than a couple of those days.  I have had to take some time to assess the "future" of CraftDee Greeting Cards

After consulting with a close friend and many discussions...Pros/Cons, we concluded that what CraftDee needs is a "Hard Restart"!!!

So with that decided, my friend (now "Silent Partner") we have opened a New Store, STILL but with a new look, new products and something special for everyone!!!

If ya'll are familiar with the old store, you will remember many, many more items than what we have currently listed, however, this is just TEMPORARY, until we can review and re-populate the new store with some of our New, Best and Most Popular items.

Once we get our "Sea Legs" back and start running full steam ahead, we will be offering "Specials", Coupons, and more fun stuff for everyone!

If anyone is looking for something Special and you don't see it "YET" in our store, GIVE ME A SHOUT!