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  • Handmade Christmas Greeting Card - Stella Knows Why Santa is a Man - Item # STEL001


    Handmade Christmas Greeting Card - Stella knows why Santa is a Man!

    Stella's list of 10 Reasons we know Santa is a man...

    1.  No dress sense
    2.  Never replies to your letters
    3. The chances of you getting what you want are nil.
    4. Beer Belly
    5. Will only commit to one day a year
    6. Obsessed with stockings
    7. Never stops to ask directions
    8. Too lazy to shave
    9. He always wears the same clothes.
    10. Only will to do a job where people leave food and booze out for him...and doesn't wash the plate up afterwards

    The "List" along with Stella, Santa and the Christmas bells are 3D and all glitzed out for the Holiday! The face of the card is on high gloss quality card stock and the inside of the card carries the same theme for the blank Sentiment Panel.

    Also, you have a choice of Greeting Tags:

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays

    Christmas Joy


    The "goodies" don't stop with just the card, there is a large matching gift tag, or can be used as a book marker (your choice) with Stella's list 10 reasons AND a smaller folding gift tag.

    The card measures approximately 7-1/2 x 7-1/2" square, includes an envelope.  Everything comes sealed in a clear plastic sleeve.

    This card is handcrafted using designs by Carol Smith - graphics by Annie Lang.


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