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  • Handmade Greeting Card - Golden Butterflies with Love Step-a Side, Multi-Occasion - ITEM # MLT123


    This is a unique style "Step-a-Side", free standing, Multi-Occasion card. It features 3D graphics in Copper and Gold printed on High Gloss black raised panels. The panels and decoupage are mounted on copper brocade patterned, heavy weight, card stock.  The brocade pattern continues onto the back of the card as well.

    The main front panel has a Greeting Sentiment that says:

    "The wold is a better place

    because of beautiful people like you".

    There are the words "WITH" and "LOVE":on raised panels that create the side steps.

    The decoupage has been enhanced with matching colored glitter and the butterfly wings are folded up as in flight.

    Card measures 10-1/4" wide x 5-1/4" high when opened up and 5" x 5-1/4" when folded for mailing.  It comes with an envelope and sealed in a clear plastic sleeve.

    This item has been handcrafted using graphics by Assnezana.


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